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We can panel cut and patch windows on our open side envelopes.  We have hundreds of dies in house, so we should be able to fully meet your needs.  We can also panel cut our open end envelopes cost effectively.  Call us for details!




We offer an important service by punching holes in envelopes without costly steel rule die cutting.  We can efficiently punch holes inline, which opens up a new world of creative applications.  For example, you can introduce a hanger hole option for retail packaging.  Or, you can apply a creative pattern so the user takes all the contents from an envelope this is ideal for drive-in applications.  Do you want samples?  Do you have a creative idea?  Let us know how we can help! 




Add more value to your envelope with a coupon!  We can perforate vertically or horizontally, creating opportunities to re-design and improve your offering.  Turn your drive in envelope into a direct mail piece!  Provide an easy opening (zipper) feature.  Add value by numbering or bar coding the coupon to the envelope.  Weve used this idea with valet envelopes or recreation envelopes.  Let us know how we can help!



Its easy to settle for the status quo.  Instead, take a step ahead and add individuality to your next order by embossing the envelope.  This adds a tactile dimension for the customer, and connotes extra quality.  It makes for a more memorable experience and can improve response.




We can add numbers or barcodes to your envelope.  This is an ideal service for the packaging industry, where accountability is important.


Shrink-wrapping/Special Packaging

We know how standard packaging can create issues for the end user, and we can help with packaging the way you need it.  We can shrink-wrap the envelopes if needed, or pack them into a smaller package for shipping purposes.  Let us know how we can help!